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PerfectaReedThe PerfectaReed is a precision instrument designed to measure the entire reed surface to locate any imbalances. This ingenious device can quickly and easily pinpoint the exact area that needs to be corrected to allow the reed to perform at its maximum.

PerfectaReed takes the guesswork out of reed adjustments. This unique tool enables both skilled and unskilled players to adjust reeds to respond, vibrate, and play freely. Eliminating unreliable "human feel" the user can reproduce reeds having the proper parabolic design or redesign any reed to new specifications.

By following the detailed instructions, a series of measurements is taken to locate imbalances on the reed's surface. Using the PerfectaReed, the user knows exactly where and how much mass to remove from the reeds surface to match and balance the transverse side. Click here to use the handy worksheet created by Mr. Bill Rote to record your measurements.

Your PerfectaReed has some new distinguishing features. The name plate is engraved and the ruler has additional markings. These notations make it possible to measure the entire tip area, plus the center dimensions-of the reed which provides information for selecting reeds having the proper parabolic design which are compatible to one's mouthpiece.

Click here to download the free PerfectAReed instruction manual.

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