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Reed Wizard

Reed Wizard

The Reed Wizard is a sophisticated profiling device that hones reeds to a
specified parabolic design, a mirroring of the reed's identical cross-section shape to the transverse sides of the reed. With this exceptional tool, all commercially manufactured reeds can be adjusted to perform at their maximum potential.

The Reed Wizard quickly and accurately hones and balances the transverse sides of all single reeds.  It eliminates the tedious process of reed adjustment in a matter of seconds, and demystifies reed adjustment.

There are two components, a base and a carriage. The base has specified built-in measurements and a track on which the carriage travels. The carriage has a state of the art honing tool which removes mass from the reed. When the reed is placed on the base, the manual movement of the carriage going back and forth redesigns the reed to one sixth the thickness of a newspaper.

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